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Frederic Pauwels

Founder & Designer of Aesthetics Strength

I am hungry – and motivated – by life. I am pro-active when it comes to everything I do, whether it is my work, my relationships or my health, and I will try to foresee a solution to a problem before it presents itself. I easily take initiatives with clean focus and a vision of where I want to be – whether by myself or in a team.

I am continuously developing, educating and inspiring myself, and will do all necessary research on new subjects to stay up to date. Part of my philosophy is that life is a never-ending learning experience in every area of life. That is why I am also passionate about constantly improving myself and getting the best out of myself which can help me to give value and/or get the best out of the people around me. It is also my ways to show respect to my clients.

I do this by looking for practical solutions in both planned and unexpected situations; always communicating openly with honesty, integrity and a harmonizing energy. My approach is warm, empathetic, attentive and client-centered. Finesse and paying attention to detail are also my finest qualities.

The Basics:
Founder & Motivation Content Creator of Ultimate Strength (previously called ‘Sports Motivation’)
Co-Worker & Part-time chef at Fitness Recipes
Self-Made Entrepreneur – DreamChaser
Certified Personal Trainer in the making
Strength & Beauty Motivator
Transformation-Seduction Coach
Health, Fitness & Nutrition Enthusiast
Hardgainer-Bodybuilder-Endurance Athlete

Personal Interests:
Risk Taking, Seduction & Beauty, Aesthetics & Design, Self-Development, Mindfulness, Human Studies, Animal Welfare, Humor, Philosophy, Spirituality, Intelligence, Romance, Creation, Art, Watermelons & Red Lipstick 😉

Sports (apart from Fitness):
XC/Downhill biking, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Sprinting

All-kinds; mostly: Progressive Trance, Deep-Tech House

Schindler’s List, Man on Fire, Gladiator, The First Knight, The Pianist, A Beautiful Mind, Malena, Maleficent, Wall-E, The Magnificent Seven, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Crazy Stupid Love, Midnight in Paris, Limitless, Lucy, Unbroken, Inception, In Time, Blow, Up In The Air, Rain Man, Valkyrie, The Rum Diary, Broken City, Elite Squad, Generation Um, Drive, The Last Of The Mohicans, Black Rain, An Officer and Gentleman, American Gigolo, Mr Church, Anthropoid, Allied, Dior and I

Favorite Books:
The Power of Now, The Anti-Estrogen Diet, It’s Not How Good You Are – It’s How Good You Want To Be, Emotional Intelligence, The Power of Less, Handbook to Higher Consciousness, Think and Grow Rich, The 4-hour Workweek, Ted Talks, The War Of Art, The Art Of Exceptional Living, The Alchemist, Clarity, The Zahir, The Course Of Love

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Alexander Pauwels

Owner of Fitness Recipes & Body Transformation Specialist

My goal is to help 1,000,000 people achieve their ideal physique in the next 10 years. I focus on body (re)composition, specifically on fat loss, muscle gain, increased energy and increased health. I also help athletes and fitness enthusiasts increase their strength, performance and recovery.

I’m a professional dieter. In other words, I’ve done nearly every diet or nutritional protocol that’s around to test its efficacy. I tested these diets to understand where my clients came from both physically and emotionally.

And, what drives me? Likely a relentless passion to accomplish something more in life than just the ordinary. I used to be unhealthier and overweight myself, though the bigger driver is being able to leave behind something and inspire others by doing something greater than just me.

And I suppose knowing the fact that I have all the tools and knowledge and energy to make it happen. I accept zero BS from others and even less so from myself. Boredom does not exist in my life :) I could go on for ages. Another important factor is that I find this fun, I love building something up and seeing it grow, its like a game, and the points you win are the lives you transform or inspire – can’t think of a better game in this life to be honest!

Together with my brother, we design our lifestyle around this completely. We do what we want to do, when we want to do, for who we want to, where we want to, with who we want – and we live this lifestyle 7/7 :) ALL those motivational quotes we post on going after what you want, taking risks, going further – we take them very seriously 😉

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